Our Interventions
We intervened to bring about changes in their lives
Unnayan has adopted Village Uttardhauna in district Lucknow to bring it up as a model village in terms of an empowered women community. While it has been an achievement of the village to bring about high enrolment in the 6-14 age group of children, most of the women of 200 and odd families of the village remain unaware and ?unable to read and write. Unnayan has intervened to bring about positive change in the scenario to make the women of the village empowered through improved health, education and nutrition. To achieve this aim, we are focussing on key issues - women education, healthcare, hygiene, nutrition, skill development and formation of self-help groups. Apart from making them aware of the necessity of these basic amenities of a dignified human life, regular adult schools and health camps are being organised.
Kumari Devi, herself an illiterate, was finding it difficult to continue with the education of her two daughters, Reena and Meena, on the face of resistance from her extended family and most importantly due to lack of resources to support their education. Unnayan took to not only supporting the education of her two daughters, it encouraged Kumari Devi also to join the adult education classes.
Unnayan Foundation Trust has taken upon its?elf to sponsor the family of a low paid daily wage worker in Lucknow. Manju, his wife, has been offered a secure part time employment, while the education of his three young children – Khushi, Ayushi and Tanmay has been completely sponsored by Unnayan, in hope to build a better and secure future for the entire family.
Manorama lost her husband at the cruel hands of destiny way back in 2002. Doing menial jobs to meet her ends, she was finding it difficult to support her only child Raja. She approached Unnayan to support her son's education. Now Raja is studying in a good school with the financial support provided by Unnayan.
Preeti lost her father long back...wrecked by the tragedy her widow mother and her maternal uncle decided to dump her education and marry her off to ease some load on the family...but Preeti did not give up and continued her education by doing menial household jobs in different houses ...now Preeti does not work anywhere for her studies ....Unnayan has adopted her.
Unnayan has adopted education of two girl children, Komal and Kajal, who are daughters of a daily wage earner Pramod Kumar. With his limited income, Pramod was finding her daughters' education a difficult proposition. Unnayan took to not only supporting the education of his two daughters, Komal & Kajal, it also encouraged his wife Smt. Kavita Devi to work as Village Extension Worker to create awareness among village women about health and education.
Smt. Kavita Devi, wife of a daily wage worker Pramod Kumar, is Unnayan's Extension Worker whose activities include creation of awareness related to women health, hygiene and education in fringe villages of Lucknow City apart from helping village women with learning various trades.