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if you are a health professional or a nutrition professional or an education professional or a self-help group specialist or if you have some skill to pass on to others, please tell us how you can contribute to this noble cause of women empowerment which unnayan stands for. you can contact us at
if the women is empowered the nation is empowered. but there are women who do not have access to quality life just because they are deprived of basic amenities of a dignified human life. you can contribute your bit to their cause by sparing some amount from your savings. please feel free to donate money open heartedly to unnayan who is relentlessly working to empower women through health care, nutrition, education, skill development and self-help.
You can send your money by WIRE TRANSFER/RTGS/NEFT to the following:

 1. mr. j.p. verma  2. mr. p.k. verma  3. mrs. sangeeta verma  4. mr. ramesh dinkar  5. mr. rajneesh tiwari
 6. miss aradhana shukla  7. mr. shekhar kishore  8. mr. r.k. singh  9. miss deepti mishra  10. miss sakshi mitra
 11. miss nivedita sinha  12. miss rani roy  13. miss shikha surbhee  14. miss rajni dighe  15. miss priya sinha
 16. mr. ajay shankar  17. mr. a.k. sarkar  18. mr. shahid akhtar  19. mr. balwant singh  20. mr. d.n. sonkar
 21. mr. anirudh jain  22. mr. s.n. singh  23. mr. s.k. sinha  24. mr. ram naresh singh  25. mr. shyam prakash
 26. mr. ram jee singh  27. mrs. ranjana singh  28. mrs. mudra sengupta  29. miss rituparna  30. mr. randheer awasthi
 31. mr. keshav nigam  32. mr. vishwa bhushan  33. miss vidya singh  34. miss usha kashyap  35. miss sarika agarwal
 36. mr. s.k. asthana  37. mr. suhail azmi  38. mr. tabrez alam  39. mr. deepak mishra  40. mr. ashish tyagi
 41. miss arzoo  42. miss tamanna nigam  43. miss rehana  44. miss roshni gaud  45. mr. sharabh sharan
 46. mr. anjani mishra  47. mr. rajesh srivastava  48. mrs. rashmi mishra  49. mrs. nidhi talwar  50. mr. ashok kumar
 51. mr. ramesh kumar  52. mr. rohit saxena  53. mrs. indu sinha  54. mrs. mamta singh  55. mrs. nirmala khatri
 56. mr. ravi sharma  57. mr. nishith ranjan  58. mr. kumar vimlesh  59. mr. vaibhav mishra  60. mr. aseem prabhat
 61. mr. khushal singh  62. mr. sushil sinha  63. mr. umesh yadav